Play Therapy Australia

The team and our core values

We have a team of experienced therapists who are dedicated to supporting children and their families. Our mission is to ensure all families have access to developmentally appropriate services and can be seem within their attachment relationship for optimal healing. Our core belief is children healing best takes place within their core attachment relationship, building trust, understanding and shared experiences whilst synchronising and attuning.

Donna Berry

Our Team Members

Our team is lead by Donna Berry a world leader in Play Therapy who provides training for mental health practitioners around the world, Donna together with our other therapists we have over 70 years of experience working with children and their families in a variety of settings. By combining our specialist skills and knowledge we can ensure to meet the needs of all of our clients.

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We offer

Expert Advice
Expert Advice

Speak to an expert in the field through our 1on1 consultations

Career Advice
Career Advice

Connect with a therapist who can help you navigate through the world of play therapy


Arrange your clinical supervision with one of our registered supervisors, choose from weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions

Group Supervisions
Group Supervisions

Join us in a world of vicarious learning, join a group of like mined people and dive deep into understanding the child’s world

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Go to our directory of Registered Interplay Therapists

Our registered interplay therapists are specialists in the field of play therapy and family therapy supporting healing through reconnection. All of our registered therapists are up-to date with the outcomes of current research, providing the most effective treatment for you and your family.

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Registered Interplay Therapists

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