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Interplay offers a range of counselling services from individual to group therapy

We specialise in play therapy and interplay which is an attachment based therapy, based on the belief that children and adults have the capacity to overcome adversity if they have the right conditions, which are facilitated by our therapists. We believe in all our amazing little people and our amazing parents and have designed a unique approach that brings them both together using a Humanistic approach.

Our playful space offers children, teenagers and parents an environment where words are no longer required and play becomes the means of communication. Our experienced therapist create a safe non judgmental space where they put words to the play experience, verbal and non verbal communication, supporting children, teen’s and parents to understand themselves and also each other.

This unique dynamic helps each individual integrate past experiences which helps them to be able to join each other in a powerful way, strengthening the parent and child connection.

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Who is it for and what are the symptoms?

Anyone who has gone through recent or past challenging life experiences

Birth trauma


Terminal illness direct or indirect


Seperation anxiety

Trauma or abuse


School refusal

End of life or palliative care

Birth of a sibling

Life changes


Big emotions

Development delays


Out of home care

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Helps children understand

their thoughts

Play Therapy and interplay therapy helps children gain an understanding of their thoughts, feelings, experiences and behaviours. It supports integration and self understanding, expanding their capacity to deal with their big emotions, which in turn reduces their unwanted behaviours.

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Safe and become more

socially engaged

Through the therapeutic relationship the therapist helps the child to feel safe and become more socially engaged. These experiences helps build co-regulation then in turn self regulation, self understanding and an understanding of others. When parents are involved in the therapy process is it also helps deepen the parent and child connection, remembering this is the most important relationship in a child’s world. It enhances communication, offering an opportunity for parents to begin to heal and grow from any experiences that may have impacted them through out their lives and gain an understanding of their child and their experiences and need.
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