Interplay International

Interplay is a Research informed Family Therapy modality.

As a research-informed attachment based play therapy model, it is important that we stay current with the latest research on play, interpersonal neurobiology and attachment.

Interplay is also dedicated to continuous improvement and is establishing a series of studies inclusive of a longitudinal study. Interplay International is currently gathering evidence based data to prove its effectiveness and continuously improve it’s approach.

Any clinician working with children or using Interplay who wishes to contribute to our research team please contact us on 1300 468377.

Interplay Therapy Foundations

Interplay Therapy was developed by Donna Berry, launched in 2020 and is the culmination of 25 years of direct clinical experience, research and clinical collaborations.

Interplay is a powerful combination of research informed and clinical experience incorporating key findings with an understanding of the dynamic between attachment theory, trauma and the impact this has on our relationships to self and each other.

With a vast base of evidence-based research about the importance of the relationship between the infant and the primary caregiver, there is little place for doubt around the significance of establishing the dyadic mother - infant relationship and in turn mother-infant healing.

This is more powerful than simply generating an impact in the relationship, but healing in the child with a long-lasting effect on the child’s future emotional and cognitive development.

Interplay Therapy is built on strong foundations combining evidence-based research and significant clinical experience making it very effective.

Therefore we work with the dyad in the same therapeutic room, where we focus on supporting and facilitating the reconnection of mother-infant’s nervous system and right brain-to-right brain attunement.

Reconnecting the fundamental needs of each individual.

The Outcome

The outcome of Interplay Therapy is that both the child and parent heal past experiences within a secure attachment relationship, reorganising their nervous system and rewriting their early attachment relationship.

It is healing for life!

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